Find Public and Special Needs Transportation Services

If you know how to make the best use of public transportation, you can reduce your need for a car and save money.

Local Bus Service

CT Transit provides public bus transportation in New Haven and the region. Information about routes and fares can be found at (click on fares, schedules or trip planner). You can save money if you buy multi-ride tickets. For example, the fare for a single ticket is $1.75 or $3.50 for a day pass (unlimited rides). A 31-day pass costs $63.00 or $2.03 per day. The savings of $1.47 per day amounts to $45.47 per month, a considerable savings for someone who uses the bus daily.

For information on free trial rides and discounted fares see and for free trail rides see|#40587.

Some agencies offer free bus tickets and other transportation assistance to job seekers and new hires, and for other purposes.  If you have never had a bus pass you can contact CT Rides and they will send you a free ten ride pass (, tel. 877-CTRides). Check with any agency that serves you or might serve you for further information.  For example:


Transportation for people with disabilities or medical needs

People with disabilities who cannot use the public transport system may be eligible for services from the Greater New Haven Transit District (GNHTD).  GNHTD provides a shared ride, door-to-door service to any eligible individual. A one-way ride costs $3.50. See here for more information including application form.

People with other medical needs, including the elderly, may be eligible for free or subsidized transportation for medical appointments, shopping or other essential travel.  See below for links to more information:

Mary Wade Home offers free transportation services to seniors 60 years of age and older in Greater New Haven who are not receiving Medicaid on Saturdays and Sundays to recreational and social gatherings.   Medical transportation is offered to the same age group Monday – Friday. For more information see or call 203-562-7222.

Transportation provided by commercial establishments

C Town Supermarkets (located at 325 Ferry St. in Fair Haven and 482 Greenwich Ave. in the Hill) will provide a ride home for shoppers who purchase $50 or more at the store.  See and click on the store closest to you.  See information on food delivery services in the Food section.

People’s Laundromat (238 Grand Ave. in Fair Haven) will provide free round-trip transportation for New Haven residents with their laundry.  The laundromat’s tel. number is 203-786-4708 and the number of the current shuttle driver (as of 2/22/17) is 203-996-1883.  Service hours are 6am-8pm.

Haven Laundromat (566 Ferry St. in Fair Haven) offers the same service for Fair Haven residents (7am-7pm, seven days/week).  You may call 203-907-4009 to request a

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